The Importance of Video Conferencing System for Your Company

In this digital era, everything can be solved and done with the help of technology. The meeting is no different. In the past, you may have some problems to hold a meeting when the participant lives or stay in other cities or countries. But, with Video Conferencing Systems that we can easily find and use today, the location won’t be a limit anymore.

The Benefits and Usage of Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing system also provides many benefits for its user. Here are some of them.

Save more money and time – you don’t need to spend money on traveling to the meeting location and spend hours on the road to get there. Prepare a room with proper video conferencing equipment, and you are ready to hold a meeting.

Full attendance – now, you don’t have any reason to miss or absence from a meeting because you live too far from the meeting location. It also helps to create better communication that can strengthen the teamwork.

More structured meeting – video conferencing system makes the meeting needs to be held in a proper schedule, especially the fixed starting and ending time.

Increasing productivity – with a better way to use your money and time, free attendance problem and more structured meeting, it will increase your team productivity.

Employee mental state – the video conferencing also won’t give your employees any burden that they have to bear, when they have to travel long distances to go to a meeting. So, they can relax and this condition allows them to use their 100% ability and performance.

Competition benefits – the video conferencing allow you and your team to share information easier. Now, you and your team can work much better with available information and data, which can become an important factor in keeping your company in the competition and even win it.

With so many benefits, it’s normal if you also want to apply this system in your business. You can use it for many purposes, such as negotiation with your client or business partner, product presentation, sales meeting and even holding a training seminar for an employee that work at the other branches of your company. However, to get all those benefits, you also need good equipment, such as Logitech meetup.

Logitech Meetup

Logitech Meetup is the video conferencing equipment from Logitech. Why do we recommend this product? First of all, we all know that Logitech is one of the best brands in the electronic device market and technology industry field. They got that reputation from the best quality product they release to the market, including the Logitech Meetup.

This video conferencing device has a unique shape, unlike other similar devices from different brand. The shape is compact, which won’t take too much space in your meeting room. So, if you want to hold a meeting in the small room, you can still use this device. The size is only 400 x 85 x 104 millimeters. With this size, it’s small enough and it doesn’t even notice when you place it right on the side of other equipment.

The most important element of Logitech Meetup is the camera. This device’s camera can capture wide-angle view (120 degrees), which cover all areas in your room. So, you don’t need to worry if some participant won’t be seen on the monitor because of the limited shot angle of the camera.

Logitech Meetup also has a built-in speaker. This speaker allows you to receive high-quality sound, which makes the meeting feels like is being held in one place. You don’t need to worry about the miscommunication that happens because of bad-quality sound. Every sound that comes from your room and the room where you are connected to, can be transferred clearly.

One of the best features of this device is the high-resolution image feature. Your video conferencing meeting can be held even in 4K resolution. It creates a great meeting experience you and the meeting member can get.


Video conferencing system is an important element in today’s business. It increases your productivity as well as saving more time and money. In short, it gives you nothing but benefits. You will need this system to survive and reach your success goal.

More importantly, using the best video conferencing equipment is also necessary for better meeting experience through this method. Logitech Meetup, Logitech rally and other devices from this brand are a good choice. Or, you also can choose the product from your favorite brand.

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