Social Media was not as popular decades ago as it is now. With fun platforms coming up like Tik Tok and YT shorts, there is just so much to discover through them. The coverage of the social media is no joke as it has the capacity to create legends in a single night through viral posts. 

Social media accounts are fun and easy to monetize when they are backed by multiple followers and high engagement. 

How to improve your social media account

 Post regularly

 Post content regularly to get the attention of your followers and others who might follow them as well. Consistency is the key. Posting good content overtime will grow your account with time and you’ll be able to easily monetize it or use it to promote your brand. 

Make a viral post

This is not really intentional as a post you don’t expect to gain recognition might actually skyrocket. A little account with less than 500 followers can gain thousands of followers overnight as well as multiple post engagement. One of the fastest ways to build a social media account is going viral overnight.

Purchase followers and likes

This is another fast means to get followers and engagement on posts. For instance, getting Instagram likes can be very easy by purchasing them. The same applies to followers. Followers can be bought from sites that offer these services.

Interact with followers/subscribers

Replying comments beneath your post shows that you care about the opinion of others as well. Making a good impression can draw more followers or subscribers to your account and increase the engagement on your post.

Things to watch out for when purchasing followers or likes

  • Always buy from companies or sites that have good history. Some sites claim to sell these services but end up not doing a good job or offering you computer generated followers or likes that can be detected by the platform. Do your research carefully and ask around. There are sites that have reviews on other sites, check their reputation there or perhaps make use of Quora. 
  • Compare prices before going ahead with the purchase. Buying followers or likes at very high prices might forfeit the purpose of getting them. For instance, if you buy followers higher than your estimated profit, it will eventually result in a loss. Followers and likes can be gotten at affordable prices without having to break the bank.
  • When purchasing likes or followers, it is best not to purchase high numbers at once. Start at low numbers then gradually increase in order not to raise any form of suspicion. You could start off at getting a couple of hundreds, then gradually increase till you reach your target.


Despite purchasing followers or likes, still endeavor to work on growing your account via other means to cement the entire process. It is advisable to continue to form a relationship with your followers and be consistent with making posts. Drop your comments to comments about your post and make a good impression.

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