Everything you should know as a beginner

As a beginner, the first quest of every trader out there is to choose a well-built online trading app that is not just a normal trading platform. The forex trading platform should have enough tools to favor our skills, boost our trading skills, and empower the trading moves with all its potential.

Well, it is quite a tough task to find such an intuitive platform infused with the best-in-class features. Mainly when the internet is flooded with tons of options with similar offerings and similar claims varying in performance, choosing the best one is nothing less than a dilemma. 

But, not anymore for you, as this review focuses on one of the most popular and fastest-growing forex trading platforms i.e. After going through this review, you can be ensured of getting a step close to the trading platform you are looking for. So, let’s begin!

Origin and reason behind the popularity was established in 2008 and is run by the world’s leading forex brokers. Read about them here:

It gained instant popularity right when it was initially released with a user-friendly interface that even novices could understand at a glance. 

Well, since the users reached a matured level after the rapid evolution of the Internet after 2013-14 when technology advancements started to accelerate, the background of the trading platforms was given utmost importance. But, reigned the industry even in this perspective being adhered to by the top-tier authorities in Europe, thus making it the safest choice for forex trading.

Nevertheless, updated the entire UI to meet the trend and included every feature that the modern trader looks out for. As a result, there are more than 50 indicators, all major currency pairs, innumerous trading tools, and an impressive optimization that increased the graph of its popularity to a whole new level.

Reasons why is the best choice for beginners

Here is a list of features that makes the most preferred trading solution for beginners. 

  1. The most advanced charts 

Any level of experienced traders can’t place a successful trade without a good chart. provides a clear and brief chart displaying every single point including the resistance and support in even a small trend. 

Besides, the chart is customizable to a great extent with readily available options and features that users prefer. 

  1. Device compatibility is compatible with both iOS and Android and is optimized for all kinds of devices and aspect ratios. So, whether it is about the charts or the support for the higher refresh rates, everything is included in this app to provide an excellent user experience. 

  1. User interface 

A neat user interface with all readily available options on the home page to select the best currency pairs makes it easier for a beginner to select the most profitable price trend. Even with basic knowledge about the forex market, you can now select the best currency pair without any inconvenience. 

  1. Demo Account also provides a demo account with a preloaded virtual amount of $10,000. With this amount, you can now test the app performance as well as execute different strategies to train your skills to earn higher profits. 

  1. Educational content 

Before framing a strategy or even before making an initial deposit, a beginner needs to learn about the market. This intuitive trading platform provides both virtual and textual lessons about forex trading that help you grow in the market. 

  1. Over 50 trading indicators

You can find more than 50 trade indicators that help choose the right position to place a trade. Besides, you can get your hands on all the major indicators that are helpful in different strategies used by all beginners, intermediate and advanced level traders.


If you are a beginner looking for a forex trading platform with the potential to empower your trading skills, is probably the best choice. You can easily explore all the trading tools, indicators, and add-ons that will help you in advancing towards the higher returns criteria. The scalping strategy is also best complemented with this platform due to the advanced algorithm of detecting the right trends to place the trade throughout the day.

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