Common Terms and Conditions That Apply on Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino games are a fun and entertaining way of gambling without leaving the comfort of your house. They often offer tempting bonuses to lure in players. However, there are some terms and conditions that are attached to such bonuses that players are often unaware of. Only after depositing their money do they realize the terms associated. 

The terms and conditions are reinstated to ensure that players earn the money they receive and do not make multiple accounts just to deposit and then cash out the bonus without actually playing the game. Here are some common terms and conditions that you will come across in online casino games while playing for bonuses.


Before the players can cash out the bonus, some online casinos want their players to wager their bonuses several times. This is known as rollover or play through. Higher the rollover, lower your chances of making money from the bonus. Here is an example of how rollover worked on online gambling games:

  • Suppose you win a bonus amount of $100.
  • The terms and conditions specify that the rollover is 50x.
  • This means that 100 multiplied by 50, i.e., $5000 must be wagered first before you can cash out whatever is left

Maximum Bet

If you are playing under an active bonus, some online casinos will set a maximum bet limit. This limitation prevents players from betting huge bets to meet play throughs in one go. Consequently, you are forced to actually play the game at least for a while before you can cash out.

Restricted Games

The more high-paying the game is, the more restrictions it has. Be it a higher number of rollovers or complete restriction from playthroughs, the higher-paying games have more terms and conditions that have to be met before one can play them. Here is an example of how rollovers might work in a standard slot versus blackjack:

Slots Rollover

  • Suppose you won $200 as a bonus.
  • The rollover for slots is 30x.
  • You must wager 200 multiplied by 30, i.e., $600.

Blackjack Rollover

  • Suppose you won $200 as a bonus.
  • The rollover for blackjack is 60x instead of 30.
  • Thus, you must wager 200 multiplied by 60, i.e., $1200.

Restrictions in Deposit Method

Many players use e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller to abuse bonuses and swiftly take away the bonuses without actually playing the game. To avoid such problems, some online gambling games do not include such e-wallets as a paying method for cashing out bonuses. You must be aware of the kind of payment methods your game accepts before hoping to cash out your bonus winnings.

Minimum Cashout Value

Some casinos set a minimum cashout value for their bonuses. This means that you must have a certain amount of winnings before you can make any withdrawals. For instance, even if you make $30 from a certain amount of free spins, if the minimum cashout is $50, you have to keep playing until your winnings accumulate to $50.

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